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1What is DROPSHIP?
Dropship is a business system in which you just need to promote the products / goods supplied by us either by using social network, advertising sites and so on. You do not need to buy stock. By joining us, u will be provided with sufficient info regarding each product as well as other helpful marketing material to ease your journey in finding prospects. The concept is very simple, if you get an order from a customer, they will pay to you at retail price, then you pay to us at dropshipper price which is slightly lower than the retail. After that all you need to do is submit the order from and we will send by post the products on your behalf.
2Can I sell all kinds of products offered by your shop at once? Or do I have just to select one (1) product?
Yes, you can actual. Whatever products that we have, its all for you to market.
3Does the company put monthly sales target for each dropshipper?
There is NO monthly target for dropshipper. You can either do it part time or full time. If you put 100% effort on this programme, then you will earn more. But we will give bonuses to those that works hard.
4Allow dropship selling lower than the retail price?
Dropship strictly prohibited from selling lower than the retail price. However, dropshippers are encouraged to sell more than the retail price so that they can make larger profit.
5What if I want to see the price list of products for dropship?
All prices for each product and info will be given once you register as our dropshipper.
6Will the company provide us with input marketing
Yes. We will share input on Facebook Support Group. We also provide online marketing such as intensive Fbads and Webinar classes depending on request.
7Is there a registration fee?
Yes there is registration fee, depending on the current plan.
8Is the registration fee being a lifetime or just for a year?
The registration fee is based on the current dropshipper plan However, if there are any changes, we will announce.
9Is the price of retail & dropship price including postage?
Yes, all prices shown already include postage. However, if you want to do postage to Sabah/Sarawak, you need to add another RM10 as the retail price for each product for Sabah/Sarawak market are RM10 higher than in peninsular.
10What is the range of each product?
Retail price for each product is from RM 49 - RM 190.
11What is the commission paid to dropshipper?
Each product differs in commission. Basically the commission given for each product ranging from RM15-RM50
12After registering, what is the next step should I do?
After registering, we will provide an e-mail for verification purposes. Then, we'll will approve your registration
13After signing up, will I be able to continue to promote and sell?
Yes! Once your registration is approved, you can start to promote right away after signing up
14After signing up, will I be given marketing material?
Yes. After registration, we will provide a link in the form of GOOGLE DRIVE. It is more convenient and very easy to update. All images and product info can be found there.
15Can dropship orders be sent using WhatsApp?
Well.......... NO. Haha
16How many days will it takes for my parcel to be delivered?
From 1-7 days after orders processed. Refer to dropshipper handbook
17I received damaged goods, what can I do?
Refer to a handbook
18What should I do if my customer didn’t receive the parcel within 30 days?
Refer to a handbook
19I want a refund. What should I do?
Refer to a handbook
20Can I buy at wholesale prices?
Yes, you can. Please refer websites.
21Can I buy for myself and my family with a dropshipper or wholesale price?
Yes, you can. It is one of the advantages when you become our dropshipper

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